Liberty Molds Project Examples

Here are a few examples of plastic parts manufactured with our plastic injection molds.

Check out additional photos of parts molded in tools by Liberty Molds in our Part Examples gallery.

Full Register Assemblies


Trim Plates & Bezels

parts  056parts  052parts  054parts  055

Two-Shot Mold Parts

Parts from a two-shot mold

Cup Holders & Slide Out Trays

Cup HolderCup Holder with Slide Out TrayCup HolderSlide out tray

Internal Locks & Switches

Internal Lock Handle

Prototype Mold Parts

Prototype Trim

Mold Appliqu├ęs & Decorative Parts

Switch panel with appliquePlated plastic trimSwitch cover with applique

Soft Material Mats & Gap Hiders

Gap hider coverMatsShift lever bootCupholder Mats

Hydraulic & Electrical Unscrewing Mold Parts

Unscrewing electrical housingUnscrewing RingUnscrewing hydraulic housing

Electrical Parts

Assorted electrical-related molded parts


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